Wettest day in a month on Saturday

With the depression so close to the UK and the barometric pressure at a low point it was no surprising to see rain bands crossing the country. The first very wide rain band from 13.00-16.30 brought 14.3mm and the second much briefer but heavy rain either side of 19.00 brought another 3.4mm bringing the daily total to 17.7mm, which was the wettest day since 18th June (33.8mm). The monthly rainfall total now stands at 43.8mm still 16mm below the 36-year average. During the rain squalls the wind from the south west gusted to 19mph, the strongest gust for over a week.

Due to the cloud and minimal sunshine, just 1.7 hours, the maximum of 21.1C was 1.7C below average followed by a mild night with a minimum of 12.4C being 0.5C above average.

Sunday arrived with a mostly cloudy sky but occasional glimpses of brightness.