Sun returns by day but snow overnight

Wednesday was a much improved day with 4.6 hours of sunshine and dry during daylight hours. However, the brisk wind, bringing Polar Maritime air on a brisk westerly breeze, meant the maximum of 7.4C was just below the average (-0.1C).

Rain arrived on the next weather front just after 01.45 Thursday morning, which turned to wet snow at 06.30 as the thermometer had dropped to 1.2C then 0.6C at 07.45. The wind had briefly veered into the north.

The snow continued until 09.00 when it began to peter out as the weather front eased away to the east. There was a light dusting of snow on soft surfaces but hard surfaces stayed clear.

The total precipitation for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 6.8mm bringing the February total to 122.2mm, which makes this the third wettest February since my records bean in 1984.