Sunny day on Thursday and almost dry!

Thursday started with wet snow from 06.30 to 09.00. As the weather front eased eastwards the sky began to brighten followed by 4.4 hours of sunshine.

The strong northerly wind depressed temperatures with a maximum of 7.3C, just below the average (-0.2C). There was brief shower amounting to 0.5mm.

With initially clear skies overnight the thermometer dropped away to -0.1C at 01.05 Friday morning producing an air and ground frost for a period. However, advancing cloud from yet another weather front began to encroach halting any further drop in temperature so that by 08.00 on Friday the temperature had recovered to 3.3C.

The first drops of rain from an extensive weather front began to fall at 06.30 on Friday and then intensified at 07.15. The wind backed overnight from north to south and dropped in strength.