Polar Maritime air brought coldest this month

The Polar Maritime air brought on the westerly wind on Tuesday, gusting to 24mph, meant a cold day. In fact it was the coldest day since 28th January with a maximum of only 6.4C with wind chill making it feel more like 4C at times. This was 1.1C below the 35-year average, down over 4C on the Monday peak and only the third below average maximum this month.

There were a couple of brief showers amounting to 1.7mm bringing the monthly total to 115.4mm when the 35-year average is 64.9m.

The colder air and breaks in the cloud overnight gave us the coldest night in three weeks with the thermometer falling to 0.7C at 03.56 early on Wednesday morning, which was 0.6C below average and producing a ground frost.

Wednesday after dawn saw intermittent sunshine between broken cloud as the brisk wind veered a little, now from the west north west.