Another wet, gloomy and windy day on Monday

More rain, no sun and winds gusting to 30mph, the unsettled weather continues.

Another 4.3mm of rainfall fell in the past twenty-four hours bringing the monthly total to 113.7mm, which is 48mm above the 35-year average. It was another in the succession of very mild days although 2C down on the warm Sunday maximum the peak of 10.8C was 3.3C above the average. Likewise overnight cloud cover saw the thermometer fall no lower than 3.7C, which was 2.4C above the average.

After initial cloud on the eastern horizon had cleared om Tuesday morning the sun shone brightly, the first sunny morning in three weeks.

Update on Tuesday at 08.45: alas the cloud returned and the sun disappeared at 08.40. It was a lovely start to the day whilst it lasted!

Update on Tuesday at 18.50: Polar Maritime Air restricts temperature to 6.4C maximum making this the coldest day in February with brief sleet shower at 16.30.