Strong north easterlies set in

As the depression moved sluggishly southwards on Thursday the wind moved into the north east and was very strong all day with a peak gust of 30mph at 18.28. There were a few short showers in the afternoon amounting to 4.3mm, a useful refreshment for the garden but more is still needed to percolate down further to provide a good drink for plants.

The rainfall this month now totals 10.7mm with the average at 53.6mm. However, the sunshine at the beginning of the month and strong drying winds have meant that evaporation far exceeds rainfall with currently 33mm of equivalent rainfall lost into the atmosphere.

The temperature by day was again below average (-4.0C) with a peak of 16.1C. Overnight was quite different being very mild as the temperature only dropped to 11.8C at 01.48 on Friday morning being 1.8C above average.

The wind moderated overnight but freshened considerably around 08.00 on Friday as the sun began to break through the cloud cover raising the temperature to 14.6C at 08.00.