Depression over Bay of Biscay still affecting our area on Friday

Throughout Friday the low-pressure system over the Bay of Biscay continued to generate showers and strong winds as it circulated anticlockwise, veering late afternoon from east into southeast. There was useful rainfall for gardeners of 4.1mm bringing the monthly total 14.8mm when the average is 53.6mm. It was another day of strong winds with a peak gust of 30mph.

The strong, easterly wind meant that temperatures were depressed by day with another below average maximum (-1.0C), this time 19.2C, which was up 3C on the cool Thursday peak.

The milder air, coming from nearer the Continent, meant a milder night as the thermometer dud not fall belwo 11.5C, which as 1.5C above average.

Saturday brought bright intervals at the start of the day in misty conditions and variable cloud, brought on the south easterly wind, a direction that has not been evident for almost a month.