Another very cool day on Wednesday, the coolest the month

During the course of Wednesday morning steady, light rain fell for a period generating 3.9mm of welcome rainfall, which made it the wettest twenty-four hour period since 1st May. Due to the lingering thick cloud and lack of sunshine, just 1.9 hours, the thermometer struggled to reach 14.4C making it the coolest day in June, 5.7C below average and identical to that reached on the 4th and 6th.

Although a large area of heavy rain moved ever closer late evening it eventually got no closer than 10 miles west of this area before moving back westwards so no additional, much needed rain. Although we are in mid June the UV level only rated ‘Moderate’ at its highest.

The overnight temperature was close to the average with a minimum 10.2C.

In addition to the overcast sky with thick cloud to greet Thursday, the wind had once again changed direction to come from the cool north east and quite brisk. The current rain radar (08.10) indicates two clumps of rain bearing cloud advancing from the south east so hopefully we might get some more precipitation to refresh the very dry gardens.

Due to the recent cool days and nights also reduced sunshine during the past two days the temperature of the ground at a depth of 5cm has dropped to its lowest since 16th May with a current reading of 13.2C.