Temperatures still below average by day

Although the wind strength was much lower on Tuesday with a maximum gust of 14mph and the wind coming from the south east, a much warmer direction, the thermometer resolutely refused to rise above the June average. The maximum of 19.6C occurred early afternoon at 13.44 and was 0.5C below the 36-year June average.

It was another dry day with the UV at midday rising into the ‘Very High’ category briefly in the sunshine that amounted to 4.9 hours.

The second mildest night this month followed with the thermometer not falling below 11.1C that was registered at 03.45 Wednesday, which was 1.1C above average.

Wednesday dawned with complete cloud cover. A few spots of rain, not measurable, thus recorded as a trace, were observed at 07.45.