Still significant wind chill

The thermometer was very reluctant to rise above freezing on Thursday reaching a peak of just 0.2C before quickly falling away, down a degree on the Wednesday maximum. The reduced sunshine, as compared to the previous day, didn’t encourage the thermometer to rise further with just 2.9 hours as compared to 4.8 hours on Wednesday. Wind chill was still a significant feature making it feel as low as -4C for much of the day and night.

The minimum overnight was -2.4C being 3.9C below average, two degrees up on the previous minimum.

The wind veered into the east on Thursday and continued from that direction on Friday that brought broken cloud with a little brightness after sunrise. The air from the east is much drier as at 08.00 daily it is usually in the high 90s but the Friday humidity was just 72% at that time.