Much more sunshine but still significant wind chill

Friday brought us 5.9 hours of welcome sunshine, the sunniest day since 4th November. However, the wind then from the east had increased in strength and produced a significant wind chill. The thermometer struggled to get above freezing for a brief period with a maximum of only 1.7C being 6C below the 37-year average and the wind chill making it feel more like -4C. The UV strength rose a title higher with a reading of 1.3 but still rated as low.

The thermometer overnight saw a steady fall to reach a minimum of -4.4C at 07.15 on Saturday morning with the wind chill reading of -7.1C.

Saturday initially brought thin, high cloud and some weak sunshine. The barometric pressure is currently at its highest since 15th January with a peak reading of 1032.2mb at 08.00. This is due to an intense anticyclone stretching from Scandinavia to Denmark that has today changed the wind direction as it has veered further and now from the south east. The cold has reached further into the ground with my 5cm deep thermometer reading -2.7C at 08.00.