Signs of slightly warmer air by Saturday evening

Saturday was predominantly cloudy, the sunshine recorder was triggered for just 12 minutes so not much warmth came from the sun. The thermometer very slowly rose above freezing for just over three hours, reaching a maximum of 0.4C before sliding back to -0.4C at 19.00. The wind continued from the south east gusting to 26mph so wind chill was in effect again during daylight hours.

By 19.40 I noticed that the downward trend in temperature had stopped and the thermometer was beginning to rise as slightly warmer air began to arrive. By midnight the the thermometer read 1.1C. The humidity all day was very low in the high 60s, normally 90%+, which was not surprising as the ground was frozen solid therefore no moisture evaporated from that source or open water areas also being frozen.

Sunday arrived with thick cloud and the thermometer reading 2.2C at 08.00. The wind was still brisk and from the south east with the absence of wind chill. The soil thermometer at a depth of 5cm returned a positive reading for the first time in six days with a reading of +0.1C at 08.00.