All change!

Sunday saw the dramatic change in our weather as the weather fronts and associated rain from the approaching Atlantic depression brought much warmer air from the south. The thermometer has been rising since Saturday evening when the low of -0.5 was recorded with a continual rise to the maximum in the past twenty-four hours of 7.4C at 08.00 Monday being 0.3C below the average.

The barometric pressure associated with the decline in the anticyclone and approaching depression has fallen from a high of 1032.2mb on Saturday to the current reading on Monday morning at 08.00 of 1016.6mb

The rain that fell during the daylight hours of Sunday and after 05.15 on Monday amounted to 9.7mm bringing the monthly total to 29.2mm when the 37-year average is 67.2mm.

Monday after dawn saw very low cloud masking the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest limiting visibility initially to 1500m but began to lift after 08.15. Sunday was a breezy day with a peak gust of 29mph from the south however, Monday arrived with very still conditions, both anemometers motionless.

The soil thermometer at a depth of 5cm read 2.1C at 08.00 on Monday after the low of -2.7C on Saturday. Humidity has returned to more normal levels at 96% on Monday after the dry air of the last two days when it varied between 75% and 80%.