Coldest night for two years

We enjoyed 4.8 hours of welcome sunshine on Wednesday, that in lighter winds still from the northeast, saw the thermometer crawl above zero for several hours. The maximum temperature of 1.9C was reached at 13.13 being 5.8C below average, before thicker cloud arrived.

There were several very light snow flurries during daylight hours with the UV level of 1.2 the highest since 5th November rated as ‘Low’.

Overnight the thermometer dropped steadily to reach a minimum of -4.6C at 03.56 before rising a degree as thin cloud drifted across and a resultant rise in humidity. This minimum was 6.1C below the 37-year average and the coldest day since 3rd February 2019 when the extremely low temperature of -11.3C was recorded.

Thursday arrived with a mainly cloudy sky and the occasional bright interval, the thermometer having risen to -3.4C at 08.00. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm dropped further in the past twenty-four hours to read -1.8C at 08.00.