Forty hours of continuous subzero temperatures

Tuesday was the coldest day since 1st March 2018 (Beast from the East with -2.0C maximum) as the thermometer did not get above freezing all day with a maximum of only -0.2C. The wind from the north east continued strong all day but less brisk, The maximum gusts over the last three days have been 35mph, 29mph and 27mph respectively.

The sunshine was minimal, just 0.5 hours under many cloudy skies, with the UV level reading of 0.9, which is described as ‘Low”. There were frequent snow flurries during daylight hours with a more persistent shower of light dry snow between 1230 and 1340 that melted away under solar radiation, not sunshine, in the afternoon.

The minimum of -2.9C was identical to the previous night being 4.6C below the 37-year February average.

Wednesday, thankfully, arrived with clear skies and sunshine after sunrise. Joint centres of high pressure, one over Scandinavia and the other off the eastern coast of Iceland, continue to feed a north easterly flow of cold air. The barometric pressure at 08.00 was 1013.8mb, the highest since 26th January. The wind has subsided further although the wind chill at 08.00 meant it felt more like -4C outside.

The intense cold has reached further into the ground with a temperature of -1.4C at a depth of 5cm, yesterday was -0.7C.