Snow on Sunday morning

The cold air on Saturday came down from Iceland and the Arctic that meant it was a very cool day after the sharp frost. The thermometer slowly crept up to 4.3C at 14.22, which was 2.8C below the 37-year average and the coldest day this month since 7th (0.4C).

During the late afternoon and evening the thermometer began to fall slowly reaching freezing point (-0.1C) at 20.10 and -2.0C at 22.24. The minimum of -3.3C was reached at 02.49 Sunday morning being 4.7C below the 37-year average. At this time, encroaching cloud from the approaching weather front meant the thermometer began to climb again.

The radar showed the front edge of the weather front approaching the area at 06.30 with the first snow flakes falling a 06.44. At that time the thermometer had edged a little higher to read -0.6C.

The snow ceased falling just before 08.45 and lay at a level depth of 5cm due to the calm conditions. The wind, having backed into the west in the evening, came from the southeast on Sunday morning in calm conditions, the anemometer hardly turning.