UV begins to rise a little

The sunshine on Friday amounted to 3.2 hours with the UV a little stronger, briefly reaching 0.8. Earlier this month it had risen to 0.7 and at the beginning of the month 0.6. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 6.7C at 14.26, which was 0.4C below the 37-year average. During the evening and overnight the temperature fell away to give a hard frost with the minimum of -2.4C recorded at 07.57 on Saturday.

The rainfall that started just before 17.00 on Friday amounted to 2.4mm bringing the monthly total to 50.6mm when the 37-year average is 90.5mm

Saturday began with thin high cloud through which weak sunshine appeared. The air movement has changed in direction from southwest on Friday veering into the northwest today but very calm. The flow of cold air is now coming from Iceland and the Arctic.