Arctic air begins to bite.

The flow of cold air from near Iceland and the Arctic meant a cold day following the snowfall that only partially melted leaving snow cover all day and following night. The depth of the level snow was 5cm, with no drifting due to the calm conditions, and measured 5.2mm of precipitation when slowly melted.

The maximum of just 3.2C was recorded at 11.45 in brief sunshine of 0.7 hours, which was 3.9C below the 37-year average.

During the afternoon the thermometer dropped away to just below freezing all evening until around midnight when the sky cleared, flowing a few flakes of snow, to register a minimum of -4.3C at 07.20 on Monday. The UV level eased upwards again, just a little, with a peak of 0.9 not reached since 21st November. Both maximum and minimum were a degree down on the Saturday extremes.

Monday morning brought clear blue sky and bright sunshine as soon as the sun got above the horizon. A brief ridge of high pressure has been easing in over the past 15 hours with the highest pressure since the 18th with a current reading at 08.00 of 1009.7mb.