Much h welcome sunshine on Monday

Under the transient ridge of high pressure on Monday we enjoyed 5.4 hours of glorious sunshine. As a result of the sunshine and the wind having backed onto the west, the thermometer rose to a maximum of 5.1C at 13.21 before beginning to fall back. There was a slight thaw of lying snow but snow was still widespread on the ground all day and into the night. By 18.41 the thermometer showed the air had dropped to freezing again at (-0.1C) 18.41 and continued its downward movement until reaching a minimum of -2.2C at 23.02.

The temperature began to recover after midnight as approaching cloud from yet anther weather front drifted in from the west. There were a few spots of rain at 07.40 with light rain beginning fall at 08.50.

The thermometer reading at 08.00 on Tuesday was 0.3C in still conditions.