Pesky northeasterly sets in with wind chill!

The wind persisted from the Northeast on Thursday but moderate in strength that in the sunshine allowed the thermometer to creep a little higher with a maximum of 19.1C being 5C above the 38-year average.

It was the thirteenth dry day with the UV level Moderate.

Cloud cover again meant an above average minimum of 6.4C (+2.7C).

With high pressure resident to the north and low pressure to the south, the cool northeasterly is set to continue. As a result at 08.00 on a cloudy Friday morning the temperature was 8.6C but wind chill meant it felt more like 7C.

The jet stream forecast indicates that the flow of a cool air from the northeast or east-northeast will be with us for a few days and likely to build in strength. As the wind from this direction often picks up moisture from the North Sea, sunshine is likely to be limited under cloudy skies.