Nagging northeasterly persists

The stronger northeasterly on Friday, under total cloud cover, meant a very cool day with the maximum of 14.2C almost exactly average, the coolest day since the 10th. Wind chill was a factor that meant outside during the strong gusts of wind, up to 28mph, it felt 1C lower than that indicated on the thermometer.

Another dry day. The rainfall for the month is just 29% of the 38-year average. Evaporation from ground sources and plant life now amounts to the equivalent loss of rainfall of 44mm. As I commented yesterday, the projected jet stream indicated that the wind from a northeasterly direction will continue for several days with little prospect of rainfall before the end of the month, the rare very light shower excepted.

Saturday dawned dull with total cloud cover. However, the minimum of 7.4C was 3.7C above the average and occurred just after midnight, 00.37. Since that time the temperature recovered to 9.3C at 08.00.