Past night warmest this month

The southwesterly winds on Friday, gusting to over 20mph, brought anther mild day with a maximum of 13.6C being 3.1C above the average. However, it was a day of sunshine and showers. Sunshine was limited to 3.5 hours with showers arriving at 16.30 and again overnight, the heaviest of these was logged at 02.30, in total amounting to 2.9mm.

The minimum of 8.1C gave us the warmest night this month and was 5.6C above the average.

The rainfall for the month now stands at 28.1mm, which is 31mm below the 37-year average. The evaporation from the ground and plant life has reached 27mm this month so effectively cancelling out the rainfall.

Saturday initially saw some brightness but the advancing cold front has already produced some spots of rain since 08.00 with the wind beginning to rise.