Getting warmer by day but not night!

Wednesday saw the thermometer rise to a peak of 13.8C thanks to the southerly air stream and lighter winds. It was the second warmest day this month after the 16th (16.2C) and 3.3C above the average. Sunshine of 3.6 hors was limited to the afternoon as the cold front meant a cloudy morning and especially between 11.45 and 12.15 when it became very dark and my solar panels almost shut down.

Limited sunshine in the afternoon meant the UV level had dropped to 2.6, being ‘Low’ after three days at ‘Moderate’.

The early evening saw the thermometer again fall steadily to reach a minimum of 0.4C at 03.25 in the early hours of Thursday.

Thursday morning brought glimpses of brightness with the temperature at 08.00 having recovered to 5.9C