Northeasterly strengthens with wind chill

Although we had another 9 hours of glorious sunshine on Friday the maximum temperature slipped again with a maximum of 12.1C still 1.5C above the average. However, the strong wind from the northeast, gusting to 24mph, induced significant wind chill that meant it felt a couple degrees cooler than indicated on the thermometer.

Another dry day, the eighth in succession.

Although there were clear skies overnight the persistent north-easterly wind meant there was no frost as the air was continuously being stirred up thus a minimum of 2.8C was just above average.

Saturday saw weak sunken after dawn through thin cloud on the eastern horizon but just before 07.30 it began to strengthen as it rose in the sky. At 08.00 the ambient temperature was 5.1C but wind chill meant it felt more like 2C.