Wind chill with return of northeasterly

Thursday was the seventh successive dry day not experienced since mid-August. The total rainfall still stands at 58.5mm being 98% of the 36-year average. However, the wind and strong sunshine are causing the equivalent of 3mm of rainfall to evaporate into the atmosphere daily from ground sources and plant life.

The brisk northeasterly, gusting to 23mph, meant a slightly cooler day with a thermometer maximum of 13.3C, still almost 3C above average but the wind chill in the afternoon meant it felt a couple of degrees cooler. Another 9.7 hours of strong sunshine was logged.

Overnight the thermometer did not fall as low as previous nights with the thermometer just dipping below zero at 06.03 Friday morning with a minimum -0.1C. However, there was a wind chill so that it felt more like-1.4C.

Friday dawned with banks of mist and fog swirling around. By 07.50 the sun began to break through and dispersed the atmospheric moisture.