Arctic air arrived and it felt like it!

The strong northeasterly and on Saturday, gusting to 40mph at 17.26 an often well over 30mph, meant a cold day. The thermometer struggled to reach 9.1C being 1.3C below average. However, the very strong wind meant that outside in the wind it often felt at least 3C below that registered on the thermometer.

We have now experoebecd nine consecutive dry days. The monthly rainfall total remains at 58.5mm but evaporation from ground sources and plant life has produced evaporation that is the equal of 43mm of rainfall.

A cold night was to follow but thankfully the wind eased downwards a little. The movement of air meant no frost occurred alight the air temperature dropped to 1.9C being 0.4C below the 36-year average.

Sunday initially saw cloud on the horizon blanking out sunshine but by 08.00 the sun began to shine strongly through broken cloud.

The sunny and dry weather is thanks to a high pressure over the North Atlantic that is continuing to intensify with a current reading of 1037.2mb