Lows to the east and Lows to the west

Wednesday was another day of sunshine and showers but the showers were more frequent and heavier, if brief, than on previous days. Sunshine hours were down with 5.8 logged and the lowest maximum of 19.2C since 11th July being 5C down on the Tuesday peak.

Total daily rainfall was 4.0mm bringing the monthly total to 47.7mm, still short of the 37-year average of 59.6mm.

It was much cooler night than of late with the thermometer dropping away to 11.4C. This was the coolest night since 16th July (8.9C) and 0.4C below the average for July.

As one depression departed, now over the North Sea, another has been brewing in the Atlantic, currently off the southwest approaches, and forecast to bring stormy conditions to the south of us.

Thursday arrived with glorious sunshine after dawn in a temporary lull before more cloud arrives this afternoon and rain in the evening.