Pepperpot showers!

The rain radar on Tuesday showed a proliferation of showers across the country as if a large celestial pepperpot filled with shower symbols had sprinkled them over the country, all moving steadily from the southwest, although the lower air stream came from the south with a maximum gust of 16mph. The reduces sunshine of 6.8 hours allowed the UV level to return to Very High and the thermometer to get just above average (+0.3C) with a maximum of 23.0C.

The showers seemed intent to avoid our area. However there were a couple of sprinkles of rain in the afternoon but at 2040 a longer, heavier shower arrived that gave a daily rainfall total of 4.4mm.

Another mild night followed with a low of 14.7C (+2.9C).

There were a few raindrops after dawn on Wednesday, not measurable, from the thick cloud. However, just after 08.00 there were brief periods when it became a little brighter.