Storm Evert shows itself during the evening.

After a slow start on Thursday the sun came out strongly for 7.9 hours with the UV level back up to Very High for a couple of midday hours. As a result of the sunshine the thermometer rose to a peak of 21.2C, however this was 1.4C below average thanks to the brisk southwesterly breeze gusting to 22mph.

Just after 16.00 the wind began to fall lightly as it backed from the southwest into the south.

Light rain first triggered the automatic gauge just after 01.30 on Friday morning with a heavier burst just after 03.00. However, the total rainfall was only 1.4mm, which brought the monthly total 49.1mm when we have lost 85mm of equivalent rainfall to the atmosphere through evaporation.

Friday saw the effect of Storm Evert as at dawn the cloud was thick and the wind beginning to rise after 01.00. The wind direction was still from the south but due to veer into the west and northwest later in the morning as the centre of the depression, currently just to the north of us, relocates eastwards.

Update at 14.00: The centre of Storm Evert produced a low of 996.1mb when it was almost overhead at 10.51. Currently pressure now rising with showers more intermittent and brief, if heavy, and sunny intervals breaking out. Just 2mm of rainfall since 08.00 as intense area of rain is to the north. Wind still gusting strongly with peak gust of 28mph at 13.47 having veered into the west but not yet abating.