Sunday brought us the last of the very sunny April days

The barometric pressure continues to ebb away as the anticyclone loses its effect on the country. The light winds from a much warmer direction and 11.4 hours of sunshine meant that the temperature edged a little higher on Sunday reaching 19.9C late in the afternoon at 16.44.

The most notable change on Sunday was the absence of the persistent north easterly winds that have been with us for the past twelve days. The air movement on Sunday was initially from the south but as the morning progressed it backed into the south east.

The lowest temperature overnight was 5.5C that occurred in the early hours at 03.10 on Monday. The temperature then began rose as cloud eased in from the west that lifted the temperature to 9.7C at 08.00.

Monday arrived with complete cloud cover, very light winds and the occasional brightness.

Far less sunshine is forecast for the remainder of the month so we must remember the 226 hours of glorious, strong sunshine recorded in the first 26 days.

The current barometric pressure is 1007.3mb, the lowest it has been in the whole of April.

Update on Monday at 18.00: first rain after eight consecutive dry days but only 0.6mm.