Temperatures cool as anticyclone eases away

Although we had another 11.2 hours of sunshine Saturday,the cool north easterly breeze pegged back the temperature to a maximum 18.8C. That was the coolest day since the 21st but still 4.7C above average.

The past night was the coldest in the past ten days as under clear skies and absence of wind the thermometer fell steadily down until reaching a minimum 2.3C at 05.55 on Sunday morning. After so many windy days the anemometer fell still just 16.00 and di not move again until just before 08.00 on Sunday.

A bank of fog was evident on the eastern horizon at dawn on Sunday that saw the sun struggling to penetrate. By 06.45 the fog bank had moved over this area limiting visibility down to 200m. However, just after 07.00 the sun, by then gaining in strength and height in the sky, dispersed the fog to just mist and shortly afterwards clearing completely. By 8.00 the thermometer had Rosen to 9.1C.

The barometric pressure has been slowly declining over the past four days so a change in our weather is imminent. The reading at 08.00 Sunday was 1012.3mb, down from a peak pressure of 1029.4mb on the 14th.

After nine consecutive days with the wind coming from the north east, today sees a very slight breeze coming from the south or south west later.