The rain returns

Monday was dry until a narrow band of cloud, about 15 miles wide, traversed the area from southwest to north east in the mid afternoon. The first spots of rain were observed just after 14.30 developing into light rain between 15.00 and 15.45 amounting to 0.6mm.

The warmth on Monday was much closer to the average with a maximum of 16.2C being 2.1C above the 36-year average but 3.7C below the previous day’s high. The sunshine was much less than on the previous eight days totalling 5 hours before we lost the sun in the afternoon as cloud built up. The very light wind, initially from the west and north west, veered into the north east in the afternoon.

A depression, moving north from the channel, began to drop rain just after 02.30 on Tuesday morning producing another 12.7mm, that brought the daily total to 13.3mm and the monthly total to 51.7mm.

The temperature slowly ebbed away after the peak at 13.07 on Monday to a minimum of 7.6C at 08.00 onTuesday morning. The rain was heavy after dawn from thick, low cloud with a very light breeze.