Highest UV level in four months – sun getting stronger!

Tuesday was another blustery day with the wind veering from west-southwest to north-northwest during the day. However, during the 3.4 hours of stronger sunshine, early morning and late afternoon either side of a cloudy cold front passing through, the stronger sunshine raised the UV level to 1.9 being the strongest since 24th and 25th October, which is at the top of ‘Low”.

It was a warmer day with the thermometer rising to 12.4C being 4.6C above the 38-year average but falling during the night to 2.9C at 02.03 early Wednesday that produced a light ground frost.

Wednesday began with intermittent breaks of sunshine but soon after 08.15 the cloud again began to fill in limiting the sunshine. The thermometer had recovered to 4.5C at 08.00.

We are currently under a brief ridge of high pressure, current pressure of 1024.0mb, extending from the anticyclone centred over Switzerland. The wind is currently coming from the southwest and much lighter than recent days.