More wind but little rain on Monday

With just 0.3mm of rainfall it was almost a dry day but still very windy with a maximum gust of 39mph. The wind overnight had veered into the northwest, a direction not seen since the beginning of the month.

We enjoyed 4.8 hours of sunshine and the UV level peaked at 1.7, still in the ‘Low’ category.

The thermometer rose to 11.0C being 3.2C above average. The minimum was set at 23.02 Monday evening with a low of 4.6C being 3.1C above the average but began to rise steadily until reaching a reading of 10.0C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

Tuesday arrived with once again total cloud cover but the wind having veered into the west-southwest before veering more to the Northwest as the day progresses.

It should be a mainly dry afternoon after the cold front passes through mid-morning bringing a brief spell of rain.