Monthly rainfall now exceeds 38-year average – just

Wednesday during daylight hours was dry but rain arrived at 03.15 on Thursday morning adding another 3.7mm to the monthly total that now stands at 68.9mm, which is exactly 2mm above the 38-year average.

The UV level edged little higher again on Wednesday, up from 1.9 on Tuesday, with a peak reading of 2.0, still in the ‘Low’ category.

Once again the thermometer rose above average on Wednesday, in fact every day in February has produced an above average maximum temperature. The peak was 10.6C being 2.8C above the average.

Overnight the thermometer held around 7C but just after 04.00 on Thursday the wind began to veer from the southwest into the west as the rain band arrived and the temperature dropped over 2C to read 5.0C at 08.00.

Thursday after dawn revealed yet again a totally cloudy sky, thick and low, as the back end of yet another weather front eased eastwards. Thankfully Marlborough has not seen the excessive rainfall experienced in the North and Midlands with the resulting extensive flooding.

Update at 12.30: hail showers at 11.47 and 12.28. Ambient temperature of 4.3C with wind chill making it feel outside more like 3C