Coolest day in February on Thursday

The thermometer only reached 8.1C on Thursday in a brisk westerly wind and sunshine broken by shower clouds. That peak was just 0.3C above the average and the coolest day in February, equal to the maximum on the 10th.

There were two brief showers of small hail (<5mm) at 11.47 and 12.28 and also observed in short rain showers, that amounted to 1.1mm. That took the monthly rainfall to 70.0mm being 3.1mm above the 38-year average. Sunshine hours totalled 4.7. Clearing skies overnight produced a ground frost with the thermometer sinking to 0.4C at 07.07 on Friday morning. Friday arrived with blue skies and bright sunshine due to a ridge of high pressure. The barometric pressure had risen to 1025.8mm at 08.00