Here we go again! Yet another depression

Saturday was not a totally dry day as a very light shower occurred mid-afternoon that produced just 0.5mm of precipitation. Thankfully it was a little warmer than on Friday with a maximum of 15.0C but this was still 2.3C below the average.

In the limited sunshine fo just 3.8 his the UV level rose to its highest this year with a peak reading of 7.2 that just took it into the ‘Very High’ category.

Skies were clear for the evening and early part of the night that saw the temperature tumble to its lowest since the 6th with a minimum of 2.9C at 02.15.

Early risers on Sunday enjoyed a glorious start to the day with strong sunshine but by 07.00 thin high cloud, advancing from the next depression, was covering the sky so the sunshine became weaker and by 07.30 all brightness had disappeared as the cloud thickened further. The advancing cloud and change in wind direction allowed the temperature to recover to 7.6C at 08.00.

As the next low pressure system approached the UK from the Atlantic the wind backed from north west to west Saturday evening and on Sunday saw it coming from the south and freshening.