Fifth wettest May since 1984 & more to come!

Although we had a mainly dry morning the sunshine (3.5 hours) and brightness began to disappear after midday. Although there were later showers the min rain fell late evening and particularly heavy at 22.30, ceasing by 22.45. The daily rainfall total was 13.5mm that took the monthly total to 96.8mm. That is 162% of the 37-year average being almost 40mm above average.

Once again the maximum of just 12.7C was below average (-4.6C) as was the overnight minimum when the thermometer sank to 4.9C (-2.0C) at 04.20. No day this month, so far, has seen the thermometer rise above the average.

Monday once again started with strong sunshine but by 06.45 heavy clouds had drifted across the sky and by 07.40 heavy rain began to fall again as a rain band crossed the area.

Looking at the rainfall data since this station began recording in 1984 I note that all the excessive May rainfall months have been since 2006. The record of 149.5mm was set in 2007.