10.9C maximum – that is a March temperature not May!

The deep depression that slowly crossed the country on Friday brought almost continuous rain that totalled 10.0mm. This brought the monthly total to 82.8mm, which is 139% of the 37-year average and the wettest May since 2015 (83.1mm).

It was a cold day, typical of an average March day, with a maximum of 10.9C. This was 6.4C below average and the coldest May day since May 2015 (8.8C). The other significant feature was the wind strength with a maximum gust of 42mph at 08.39.

Saturday brought brief brightness before 07.00 but thick cloud drifted in on the light breeze after that time. As the depression relocated eastwards, now off Denmark, the wind has veered from the south into the west and west-northwest overnight.