Heat begins to build

It was not surprising to find that as a result of the southerly breeze the thermometer rose above average with a maximum of 21.9C (+1.8C) on Monday. The was up 2C on the Sunday peak. Also expected was the ‘Very High’ UV level in the 13.3 hours of strong sunshine.

Also above average was the minimum overnight registering a low 11.4C (+1.4C). This was 4.4C up on the previous very cool night.

Tuesday arrived with strong sunshine after dawn that boosted the temperature to 17.5C at 08.00 ahead of what will be a hot day.

The centre of the high pressure has migrated to southern Scandinavia that is continuing to bring warm air from the Continent.

Update on Tuesday at 16.00: thermometer rose to a maximum of 26.3C at 16.44. This was the hottest day since 25th August that then reached 30.7C.