Even colder by day and night!

Monday brought the coldest day since 1st February 2019 when the thermometer did not rise above freezing until just after 11.00 and then struggled to reach a peak of just 1.8C being 6.2C below average. There was very little movement of air from the northeast, the anemometer barely turning and quite still for some minutes with a peak gust of just 6mph. The minimal air movement did not stir up the atmosphere so the fog, with varying degrees of visibility, hung around all through daylight hours.

A very cold night followed with the thermometer falling to freezing point at 17.58 and continuing downwards to reach a minimum of -2.9C at 03.00 on Tuesday morning.

Thankfully, at dawn on Tuesday, the persistent fog of recent days had dispersed and we were left with areas of blue sky between broken cloud with evidence of welcome weak sunshine by 08.30.