A little warmer by day and night but not warm!

After the cold air that pervaded over previous days the wind backed into the south west predominantly on Tuesday that allowed slightly warmer air to cross the area. The thermometer rose to a maximum of 5.4C, still 2.6C below average but several degrees higher than on the two precious cold days.

The sunshine recorder logged 2.1 hours of sunshine and the UV meter rose to 0.6. There was little wind for much of the day as between 03.00 – 12.00 also 15.00- 18.30 the anemometer was totally stationery with one slightly higher speed of just 7mph.

The barometric pressure has been very slowly rising over the past two days and Wednesday will see a very short lived modest ridge of high pressure cover the area.

Wednesday after dawn saw a cloud bank easing away to the east followed by areas of cloudless sky. We might be fortunate to get a little sunshine in the morning before the evidence of another weather front, moving in from the Atlantic later today, manifests itself.