Coldest day in nearly two years on Sunday

The pool of cold air and the northerly breeze meant a cold day on Sunday so that the thermometer struggled to reach 4.2C. This was 3.8C below average and the coldest day since 2nd February 2019 (2.9C). The other notable feature was the lack of wind with a peak gust of just 9mph but for much of the day the anemometer was still or just very slowly turning.

No sunshine was logged under the thick cloud however it was a dry day.

Overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of -1.6C at 03.07 on Monday morning, which was 3.9C below average.

Monday after dawn revealed another dark and gloomy start to the day with low cloud producing fog that limited visibility to 200m. We are still under the large area of low pressure that has been with us for several days. This means that the isobars are far apart producing a slack pressure gradient with very little variation in pressure although 3mb down on Sunday at 08.00 with a reading of 999.1mb. Currently we are between two centres of low pressure one in the southern North Sea and the other in the Bay of Biscay. There will be a subtle change in the movement of air from north to northeast as the centres relocate.