North easterly wind produced wind chill on Saturday

Although we had a little brightness on Saturday the brisk northeasterly breeze, gusting at its peak to 21mph, produced a wind chill so that it felt at least 1C cooler than the recorded maximum of 6.8C. This peak was 1.2C below average but the minimum of 0.8C, looked at 01.41 on Sunday morning, was 1.5C below average.

Sunday arrived with the gloomy weather reappearing as low cloud meant fog limited visibility to 500m. The wind is a little lighter than on Saturday but still from the chilly northeasterly direction. Unfortunately we are currently on the north side of the jet stream thus the cooler weather will continue for a day or two. The slack pressure gradient producing light winds will persist as long as the current low pressure sits over or near the country, which has been the situation for the past few days.