Dry but chilly by day and night

The high pressure continues to be centred to the north west of the UK rotating clockwise that combined with a depression to the south west rotating anticlockwise, has brought a cool, north easterly breeze back. Although we had 9.6 hours of sunshine on Monday the cool breeze took the edge off the warmth with a maximum of 16.9C just below the 36-year average.

The wind was brisk in the afternoon gusting to 23mph.

The UV level climbed higher again after the dull day on Sunday with a reading of 6.3, which is at the top end of ‘High’.

A cool night followed with the thermometer falling away to a minimum of 6.6C at 03.16 on Tuesday morning. However, the brisk north easterly breeze, gusting to 21mph, did not relent so that the wind chill meant it felt more like 4.1C at that time.

A depression down to the south west has brought a blanket of cloud over the area so that on Tuesday morning there were just brief glimpses of brightness but no sustained sunshine. The wind has veered a few degrees now steadily coming from the east.