Cooler and cooler!

Thanks to the persistent northeasterly wind, gusting to a peak of 24mph at times and the strongest this month, temperatures both by day and night on Tuesday were below average. The peak of 15.1C was 2.0C below and the minimum of 3.2C, that occurred at 05.11, was 3.8C below. The strong, cool dry wind meant that wind chill was again evident so that in the breeze it felt 2C cooler.

However, out of the wind the 9.3 hours of sunshine on Tuesday felt very pleasant and the UV, though a little less strong than on Monday at 5.3, was still in the ‘High’ category.

The anticyclone has been continuing to build and slipping nearer the North Sea, producing a cracking start to Wednesday with strong sunshine in a clear blue sky after dawn that lifted the temperature to 7.8C at 08.00. There is still a wind chill so that it feels more like 6.5C. The wind persists in coming from the north east bringing a cooler and drier air mass. The humidity at 08.00 was only 86% when at this time of day it is often well above 90%.