Chilly day on Sunday – not Spring like!

Due to a mostly cloud day, just 0.4 hours of sunshine and a breeze from the south east, the thermometer struggled to reach a peak of 12.8C being 4.2C below the 36-year average. Not surprisingly, the UV level dropped from the ‘high’ category on Saturday back to ‘Moderate’.

There was a light rain shower at 21.40 and more substantial rain overnight amounting to 1.9mm.

The cloud cover meant an above average minimum of 9.3C (+2.3C) 04.59 on Monday morning.

Monday initially was cloudy after dawn but just before 07.30 breaks began to appear in the cloud cover and short, bright intervals appeared.

The barometric pressure has been rising since the beginning of the month with a current reading of 1018.1mb, the highest for 11 days, as anticyclone edges into the Northwest.