Barometric pressure rises to highest in two months

The barometric pressure continued to build on Sunday as the centre of the anticyclone moved nearer to the UK that gave us another dry, sunny day with higher temperatures. The thermometer rose steadily to reach a peak of 20.6C being 3.5C above average during the 11.7 hours of sunshine. The UV rose to the High category for most of the day but briefly edged into the Very High category midday.

The ground and plant life has now evaporated into the atmosphere the equivalent rainfall of 86mm during May.

It was a cool night under clear skies when the thermometer fell well below the average with a minimum of 5.2 (-1.8C) at 05.33 on Monday morning. Initially fog formed in the early hours but quickly lifted into mist after dawn as the sun got work and then cleared by 07.00.

The centre of the anticyclone is now close to Southern England being just south of the Isle of Wight. This has resulted in the highest barometric pressure in two months with a current reading at 08.00 on Monday of 1034.7mb. Not only will this bring fine, dry weather but the very strong, gusty winds have subsided to fall away to a very gentle breeze.