Strong winds cause some damage to tender plants

On Saturday there was a considerable pressure gradient as a result of high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south. This squeeze produced very strong westerly winds that continued throughout the day. A maximum gust of 35mph was logged at 16.45 but the wind frequently rose above 30mph. The dwarf beans in my garden had leaves ripped off in some of the strongest gusts.

Not surprisingly the daytime temperatures were depressed not reaching the May average with a maximum of 16.7C (-0.4C). The opposite was true overnight as the thermometer dipped to just 10.4C (+3.4C) at 23.33.

The other significant feature of Saturday was that the dry spell was broken, just. At 10.56 a very brief shower occurred and again just before 11.30. However, the total rainfall was only 0.7mm, not enough to replenish my four empty water butts. The statistics are quite contrasting with the May rainfall total standing at 8.2mm but total evaporation from the ground and plant life being the equivalent rainfall of 86mm.

Sunday had a gloomy start but by 07.00 a little brightness was evident and brief sunny spells were observed after 08.00, lifting the thermometer to 13.2C.

The barometric pressure continues to rise with a current reading of 1029.8mb, the highest this month.