Warmest morning in nine months

The thermometer continued to rise under the influence of the high pressure and during 12.4 hours of strong sunshine. The thermomter peaked at 24.1C, which was 7C above the 36-year average. Overnight the thermometer fell just below average with a minimum of 6.2C being 0.8C below average.

Tuesday arrived with hazy sunshine initially that quickly gained strength and lifted the thermometer to 15.4C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to the day at that time since 27th August. Although overnight was cool the heat is being absorbed into the ground and quickly recovers after dawn. The temperature at a death of 5cm read 18.3C at 08.00.

The centre of the anticyclone has repositioned from the English Channel to the tip of south west Ireland. However, it is still very close so the wind will continue to be light, maximum gust on Monday was 14mph from the west. The current barometric pressure reading of 1035.6mb is the highest since the end of March.